Convenient. Cloud-based. Compliant.

SafeImageMD's secure transfer and storage technology allows even inexperienced users to share critical medical images conveniently and efficiently with colleagues, patients, physicians and institutions across the hallway - or across the country.


Get back to providing great patient care instead of wasting your time and talents on file management. SafeImageMD makes collaborative medicine easier with easy access to medical images from anywhere, at any time.


No more stacks of CDs and lists of confusing file names. With SafeImage, storing your medical images and sharing them with all your doctors is safe, simple and secure. Visit for more information about a free patient account.


Lower the cost of medical image acquisition by eliminating costly storage and shipping of physical media like DVDs, CDs and thumb drives.

Medical Device Companies and CROs

Accelerate turn around time for image-based patient specific implants, devices and data analysis. Using the SafeImageMD portal clients and sales reps can upload medical images easily and securely avoiding the hassle and expense of shipping disks. Unlike FTP sites, images are organized using DICOM meta data so work flow can be streamlined and properly organized.

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